IALE-Russia 2020: Landscape Science and Landscape Ecology - Considering Responses to Global Challenges

1st IALE-Russia conference was held online from the 14-18th of September 2020 focusing on land cover dynamics, changes in ecosytem functioning, landscape resilience and natural and man-made disasters. One of the main topics was "Land use and land management". Alexander Prishepov, Ksenia Myachina and Ilya Smelansky held the session: Transformation of the Eurasina grassland landscapes: the patterns, drivers and implications. - What a great opportunity to exchange knowledge with fellow scientists. ReKKs participated with two long oral presentations about the effects of land use change on soil organic carbon as well as on wind erosion. Discussiones were productive and we are looking forward to another opportunity to present our ReKKS result in progress.

     IALE RUSSIA 2020

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 14:00